03:00 'Three after midnight' - see more without looking

It may be experienced only in one place where time has frozen during the darkest phase of night. "03:00" is a contemporary space where you can unlock those capabilities of your body which are usually blocked by daylight. You will be experiencing usual situations but in unusual setup - in absolute darkness. Blind guide for whom those conditions are natural will be guiding you throughout your journey. He will help you open the door into a world full of feelings you usually simply do not notice.

Lyubimy Dyadya

Lyubimy Dyadya is a citizen of the world, his life is made of travels and discoveries. Every corner of his house represents a place he has been to or is going to visit. World-classics books, scooters, an old piano, graffiti and paintings by Kharkiv artists, a collection of clocks, a fireplace and designer furniture. It’s always more interesting than at home, but as cosy and warm at the same time.
Leo Chapiro